Mental Dominance: A Key Role In Casino

A certain Ned Herrmann invented a potential analysis for the individual thinking style of our brain. According to this, strengths and potentials can be made visible that are related to the right or left hemisphere of the brain. Right-handed people tend to be conservative, controlled, and emotional, while left-handed people tend to be more analytical, technical, logical, and detailed. Applied to casino games, this would mean that left-handers should be more likely to play games like blackjack and poker as they require analytical thinking.

Whether exciting excitement or a quiet pastime, there is a suitable casino game for everyone. If you can assess your own personality well and adapt it to a certain casino game, you have a great advantage – you can have the greatest possible fun and possibly take very good profits.

Even if you have found the right game for you, you should not turn a blind eye to signs of gambling addiction, as these can affect all players.

Personality Type 1: Analytical, Conservative, Likes Challenges And Wants To Win:

Such personalities are constantly analyzing their game, they want to know how they can win or increase their chances of winning. Blackjack fits in well, and maybe even roulette. A conservative, analytical style of play may not win you a jackpot in the short term, but in the long run you will come away with a good bottom line when you gamble in online casinos.

Personality Type 2: Likes Demanding Opponents, Plays Aggressively, Is Ambitious:

Online poker seems to be the right game here. The competition among other players is very attractive here, although the second best is always left behind, of course. If that’s not exciting enough at some point, you can change that by participating in a poker tournament.

Personality Type 3: Extravagant, Cocky, Conspicuous:

These are personalities who not only have a big wallet, but also a lot of money in the bank – and the other players should be able to see that. You are of course best off in real casinos, where you can sit in strikingly well-dressed clothes at baccarat, blackjack or roulette tables. But you will also have fun in the online casino at tables with high table limits as well as at the live craps table with large stakes.

Personality Type 4: Imaginative, Imaginative, Original

If you always want to try something new and different, online casinos in particular have almost endless possibilities. For example, there are many different types of poker and other attractive online games of chance on offer. This guy will certainly not get bored in online casinos.

Personality Type 5: Kinky, Frugal, Difficult To Part With Gaming Chips: 

Being a Dagobert Duck in the casino is not as contradictory as it sounds. The online casinos actually offer many games for such personality types. Achieving substantial winnings with a small stake may sound tedious, but it can work out if the game in question is played intelligently. Another example would be: prefer to play European instead of American roulette. However, in the end, it’s also about the fun factor, regardless of your personal bankroll.

Personality Type 6: Emotional, Calm, Easily Annoyed, It Shouldn’t Be Exciting At All.

Blackjack, craps or even bingo are not for such types. They feel most comfortable in quiet seclusion, where they can have fun online on slot machines. If it fits, why not?

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