No Gender Gap In The World Of Gambling

The invention of online casinos was definitely a decisive factor. A lot has happened in this industry over the past 20 years. What began for women with online bingo was quickly expanded to include the classic casino games of blackjack , roulette and baccaratand especially slot games. Online gambling has left the difficult female gambling history behind very quickly. Today women in online casinos have no shortage of opportunities to indulge in gambling to their hearts’ content. Online casinos have many advantages for women – not only are they accessible 24/7, they offer women a safe and discreet space in which to play as long and as often as they want.

In online casinos around the world, men still dominate in numbers, but the proportion of women is steadily increasing. In the UK, according to a 2018 study, statistically 53% men and 44% women regularly play in online casinos. In America, men are represented with 21% and women with 14% in online casinos. The increasing proportion of women also offers the online gaming industry many new opportunities. Some online casinos even specialize in the group of feminine gamblers. Sometimes a flashy website in pink or a range of games specially geared towards the large number of gambling women attracts attention. Others are much more neutral and don’t take a gender-specific approach. They simply offer the most popular games among women like slots, Bingo but also the casino classics such as Black Jack or Roulette. And of course online is very popular among women Poker game. It is also attractive that everything is available in a form suitable for mobile devices. With these opportunities, the younger, internet-savvy female generation is definitely shaking off the age-old stigma that women have no chance at gambling. The trend among female gamblers is even going strongly in the direction that poker beginners quickly play their way up to the online professional scene. This is a great motivation for many women all over the world to put their gambling skills to the test themselves.

This trend will probably continue in the future, because the boundaries between traditional gender roles are becoming more and more blurred in all areas of life. And that is sure to have an even greater impact on female gaming habits. Women have a few millennia to catch up on in gambling excitement. And one thing can be assumed for sure – women are now in the thick of things when it comes to gambling, fun, excitement – and they will stick with it.

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