Avoid Unnecessary Game Delays In Casino

In online games, time limits are very often built in, which give the players certain periods of action. But some contemporaries still manage to drag the game out, much to the frustration of their teammates. Game actions at the poker table should always be carried out quickly and you can only take your time when making really difficult decisions. It is particularly irritating to take a long time to check or fold.

Alcohol, Drugs & Food

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, consuming drugs or taking meals has a very bad effect on one’s own game, gaming behavior and alertness. Anyone who feels hungry during an online poker game should rather take a short break from the game than distract themselves with it or possibly delay the game of other players.

Be Attentive

Every player should always play carefully. Not only does it have a huge impact on your own success, but also on the flow of the game.

Good Sportsmanship Always Wins

There is also sportsmanship in the game of poker. To win decently and to lose decently is the order of the day. As a result, celebrating your own winnings via the chatbox is not very sporty, especially since your opponent may have just lost a lot of money. He deserves compassion. Fair and decent players should proudly enjoy their winnings to themselves. Conversely, being a good loser is also part of good sportsmanship. Also, those who are madly annoyed at home in front of the computer screen about a lost pot will only damage their own game. Loses calmly and with dignity.

Win And Flee

It is not at all welcomed when players come to a poker table, win a large pot or two, and then leave the table. Even though the game of poker is of course about winning money, it should also be fun and honorable. Denying fellow players the chance to get their money back is pretty selfish and unfair. Such players are not welcome at the poker tables.

Do Not Teach Other Players

If a teammate makes an obvious mistake in his game, keep it to yourself and not lecture him about it. At the poker table, each player must have their own, sometimes tough, experiences in order to improve their game. In the course of this, making mistakes and losing are part of it.

Silence Is Golden

Online poker players should never comment on anything in the chat box that could affect a running hand. It is an absolute no-go to say which cards you have folded or to discuss the current poker round with another player. It is also important for players to bite their tongue and not call an obvious straight or flush among the community cards.

Don’t Discuss Rules

Last but not least, regular discussions should, if they arise, be conducted objectively. The online poker game runs far too quickly to question certain rules. Therefore, players should familiarize themselves well with the applicable rules before starting the game. After the game, queries can be sent to the referee of the online games by email.

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